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I heard something howling in the forest today. I was just walking on the path, going to my favourite grandmother and then I heard this strange sound like singing. A singing wolf! I <3 wolfies! I wish I could just run into the forest and go and hug hug him. He's prolly fluffy and warm. And so much fun to play with!!!
That sound sends shivers down my spine. Only kids would call that singing!
Kids have more FUN! ;p
The wolves are by far the most amazing animals in the forest. Their song is my lullaby. They are not as dangerous as you think. its been 20 years since the last wolf attacked a human. Just dont bother it, and it wont bother you. But Robin be wary, there are many things that are more dangerous than wolves in the forest.
You and me, sis. Wolves are cool.
Wolves aren't friendly like pet dogs can be! They might hurt you! It's fine to listen to them sing, but try not to get to close, and hide if you see them!
I love wolves. Seriously, I love them to bits! Sometimes I thik I'm half wolf! I wish I could sing like them, though my friends say I can howl just like them! But I have sharper ears. ;) I can tell the difference.

...sorry, I rambled a bit there. :)
I like wolfs, I even have a pet wolf! but wild wolfs can be dangerous so you ought to be careful when you hear them, they probably aren't calling out to say hi, be cautios and stay on the path.
All the reds are dead. But this one's deader than most. The wolf turned out to be a bit more than just cuddly. Hope he was worth it, Robin.