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Today is a SPECIAL day! If you don't know what I mean, you are not my friend! :)
I haven't forgotten!
Take a look under the table!...
Oh COOL! A toy car! I'll play with it FOR EVER!!
Happy birthday, Robin.
Would you LIKE some CAKE? :)
Happy birthday Robin!
I would never forget your birthday (^_^)

Edited at 2008-10-13 07:59 am (UTC)
Thank you, Auriea. I know you wouldn't! :)))
Oh, right. There was a package in the mail for you. I've put in on the table. I think it's from grandmother.
A red coat! With a hood! WOW!!! My favourite!
And she said I should wear it to come to her house TODAY for a very special birthday party! WHO WANTS TO COME WITH ME?
I'm afraid I have no time at all today. Or tomorrow for that matter. In fact it seems like I'm booked until the end of the year! Crazy schedule...

Sorry. But I'm sure the party will be much more fun without your old and stern sister. ;)
I'll come with you. When do we leave?
Is your imaginary friend coming?
Don't be so sure that she's imaginary. ;)

Maybe you'll get to meet her.
I wish people would meet my imaginary friends. Not people I like, mind you.
aw I cant come :( happy birthday anyway though! here's a present, http://xialexi.deviantart.com/art/Wolf-16693710 I heard you liked them, this looks o much like mine!
Oh shucks! I completely forgot about your birthday! My rabbit is sick and I guess I forgot about everything else in the world while taking care of her. But I wish you a very happy birthday, nonetheless!

At least Ginger could attend the party at grandmothers. How was it? Did you eat lots of cake? ;)
Ginger wanted me to go into the forest with her. But mother tells us not to. So I didn't. But she went anyway. So I had to go the grandmother ALL ALONE.
Gah! >8-(. Tell Ginger that a random stranger says the following: "You really shouldn't leave your sister alone like that! She's not as capable or comfortable in the forest as you are, and she could get hurt!"

No offense, dear Robin. I only have your best interests in mind.
Happy birthday! Eat lots of CAEK for me!
And I'm with Emriss on this one.... though personally I love exploring the forest.
(hi Emriss)
Are you alive, Robin?
Moscow Cup 2019