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I made a new friend today. She's really COOL! I met her when I was going to grandmother's. She walked with me on the path. We played a little bit. She's my BEST FRIEND!
She's not imaginary! She's real! She's really REAL. And really COOL.
It's ok. I don't make such mundane distinctions anyway. Real? Imaginary? Is there even a difference? I have lots of imaginary friends. At least they think of themselves as imaginary. When I tell them I can see them, they tell me I'm crazy.
You _are crazy! ;)
Don't tell me I am imagining you too!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
I believe you little, Robin. However, if she's a new friend, then why does she know where Grandmother lives? I bet you and your sisters have met her before, you just don't remember. Maybe ask Grandma to tell you a story next time you see her.