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I made a new friend today. She's really COOL! I met her when I was going to grandmother's. She walked with me on the path. We played a little bit. She's my BEST FRIEND!
You shouldn't talk to strangers. Certainly not in the forest!
I didn't talk. We didn't talk. I don't think my friend can talk. But she's COOL anyway.
Don't worry about it. It's just her imaginary friend.
She's not imaginary! She's real! She's really REAL. And really COOL.
It's ok. I don't make such mundane distinctions anyway. Real? Imaginary? Is there even a difference? I have lots of imaginary friends. At least they think of themselves as imaginary. When I tell them I can see them, they tell me I'm crazy.
You _are crazy! ;)
Don't tell me I am imagining you too!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
I believe you little, Robin. However, if she's a new friend, then why does she know where Grandmother lives? I bet you and your sisters have met her before, you just don't remember. Maybe ask Grandma to tell you a story next time you see her.