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I'm soooo boooorrredd. These last two weeks have been SO GREAT! So many friends over to play. And now I'm just sitting here, on the floor, with my stupid little toy car, waiting for mother to let me go play outside.
Today is a SPECIAL day! If you don't know what I mean, you are not my friend! :)
I made a new friend today. She's really COOL! I met her when I was going to grandmother's. She walked with me on the path. We played a little bit. She's my BEST FRIEND!
I heard something howling in the forest today. I was just walking on the path, going to my favourite grandmother and then I heard this strange sound like singing. A singing wolf! I <3 wolfies! I wish I could just run into the forest and go and hug hug him. He's prolly fluffy and warm. And so much fun to play with!!!